“Holding onto bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” 

What do you do when your engagement to the man who you thought was the one falls through? (A) Seek Revenge, (B) Hire a hitman, or (C) Cry into a Cosmopolitan cocktail in front of your close friends at a bar. Going with option (C), Allister decides right then and there to start over, leaving behind the dismal past of his last relationship. The only dilemma standing in the way is the bitterness attitude his ex stained him with. How does one wear rose colored glasses when you see the world so cynically? 

Setting a year aside for himself, the plan was simple…openly embark his new chapter selfishly hoping that one day the grass does end up greener on the other side of the fence. Dive into Allister’s collection of witty essays, confessions, & diaries in his journey to letting go of what once was and embracing what could be. 

Maybe losing yourself is the cure to being found.


An acerbic, but hilarious, look at relationships - friends, romantic and otherwise. Love and like are complicated. Lust isn't, but it can totally screw up other things. the politics of friendships can also be exhausting - and confusing. I personally have dealt with that b**** who just cannot stand you being friends with her pal who is determined to spread lies and rancor - and the pained shick of friends who believe the crap she's spreading. How do you try to recover from the painful break-ups in your life, when one of the worst break-ups is unintentionally also with one of your friends? As many thumbs up as you have hands available for addressing issues about controlling, abusive exes. I've been told the embarrassment factor for guys, especially gays, makes this even harder. So thanks to the author for having the balls to be funny and brave! A great read if you enjoy sarcastic humor, and a good dialogue starter if have ever somewhere in your life dealt with the cycle of abuse in relationships.