Kevin Writes

How do I match the pace of the person I’ve been seeing? I feel like I’m much further in the relationship (even though we haven’t discussed it exclusively) than he is. Noted, I feel things way deeply so that might be a contributing factor. 


Relationships are much like the tortoise and the hare. Meaning that one person could be further ahead emotionally and mentally than the other. It’s not uncommon in the dating world. The way I see it, you yourself know how you feel, so take this time and allow them to take control. Watch for signs that give you the green light to express how you feel. This way, you’re not pushing the envelope making an uncomfortable situation jeopardizing the relationship. The person your dating may not be where you are, but in time they will. Relax! Have fun with him rather than focusing on how they feel for you.  


When your man is out on errands and you’re home alone, text him and find out his ETA of when he'll be home. This will allow you to set up the fun sex time the two of you are about to have. When he arrives, be on the bed playing with a dildo. Have him watch you as you please yourself—a chair at the foot of the bed gives him a front-row view. Every now and then, make eye contact subtly. This will show that you’re not only looking to please yourself but him as well. When you're ready—and him severely pent up—gently pull him to the bed and let him take over.

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