"I've been hooking up with this guy who happens to be in an open relationship. The sex is amazing and we connect very well. I'm starting to fall in love with him. Should I tell him how I feel risking what we currently have or should I just leave it be? What do you think I should do for my dilemma?"


Sex with someone who is in an open relationship is tough, trust me. There are so many factors you have to consider, one of which are feelings. Sometimes we can't help what develops. You have to remember though it's just sex and have to treat it as such. He's already found someone he probably wants to spend the rest of his life with. You have two choices; continue having benefits with this man, keeping everything to yourself or find someone new.

If you decide to go with option one, practice disconnection. Turn those feelings off. Focus on getting your needs taken care of.

If you decide to go with option two, tell him how you feel and why it's best not to continue. Don't want to be labeled as a homewrecker any way possible. Suggestion, find someone who isn't attached. 

But I do have a question for you?

Have you maybe considered listening to what your heart is trying to tell you? This could be a sign you're ready for a relationship.  

"A guy I dated years ago slided in my DM and wants to get back together. I still like him, yet, afraid to give him another chance. He has told me he's changed and feels that this time it's going to be different. Should I give him that chance? What are your thoughts?"


I've always stood by, "if it didn't work in the first place, how is going to work a second time." Take some time and hang out as friends and have him prove to you that what he claims has truth behind it.

There was a time in my life a guy of relationships past has come back into my life through Facebook wanting another shot. Even went as far as admitting he treated the relationship very immaturely and that it took two more boyfriends after I to realise what we had was way better. 

When people say they've changed, they don't make the same mistakes again and are very considerate not to. Look for little echos of what he has done in the past. This will be an indicator either to move forward or leave what you guys had behind.    

"I am meeting my guys parents soon. I'm nervous and concerned about them not liking me. What can I do to make sure they do?"


Be yourself and be honest. That's all you can do. Remember, you're dating him and not his parents. It's not they're interrogating you. Treat them like any other person(s) you're meeting for the first time. You're nerves will dissolve and confidence building. But don't come off cocky. 

Every parent will be skeptical of who their son/daughter is dating, as there is no way around it.

Turn the table on this situation, rather than seeing it as you are meeting them, it's them who are meeting you. Ask questions about them and what they're doing in their life. What goals they've achieved. Don't let them be the only ones shining the spotlight.

By the end of the night, you all will be laughing it up like you've known each other for years.   

Allister Dean